Monday, October 13, 2014

DyC 100:7-8; 90:24

hola familia!

fantastic week this last week. Full of tons of crazy miracles. I feel right now that I´m nothing more than a tool, and the Lord is just placing me exactly where He needs me and fufilling His purposes through me. So many awesome experiences this week. We set two baptismal fechas, had zone conference, got lost in a small pueblo, helped a less active start the repentace processs, had zone meeting, and got super wet in a freak rain storm! 

so last monday a lady called me in the middle of the day and said in very broken spanish, "I´m a former investigator from the Málaga hermanas and I live in London. I'm returning to Málaga on Wednesday and I´d like you to find me a place to live". Okay...? So I had that shoved on me out of nowhere and tried being a realtor for 2 days, and after a lot of phone calls and a few stressful moments, I found her a room to live in. She got here Wednesday and was very happy to have been helped like that. Friday we sat down with her and as we were explaining the Book of Mormon, she inturrupted us and asked "when do you do baptisms in your church? I¨d like to be baptized." Miracle! Her name is Cristina and she´s from Romania. She´s going to be baptized on the 25th of Ocotber. So lesson learned is: be nice to everyone and try to help everyone because "all things shall work together for your good".

The other fecha we have is with a woman named Joy. She´s from Nigeria and she´s also really cool. We were talking about the atonement and being free from our past mistakes when she said "I don´t know if I´m actually baptized, but I´d like to be". I smiled and calmly told her "don´t you worry Joy, we can help you with that." Little did she realize that she had just answered one of my prayers. So she´s set to be baptized on the 08th of Nov. The Lord is working miracles here!

Last awesome experience we had with some investigators. They´re pretty hard headed because they love the missionaries, love having us over and spending time with us, but don´t like the book of mormon. So we got talking about their relationship as husband and wife and how much they care about one another, and all that they´ve experienced and gone through, and all that they´ve accomplished. They started getting all lovey and cutsie as they thought about these things. Then we talked about how all of that would absolutely no point at all, if families weren´t meant to be eternal. The Spirit was soooo strong at this moment and they both were feeling it. I think they both realized for the first time that they want to be together forever. They kept asking how it could be possible and what they need to do, so we talked about the temple. They loved it and committed to pray about the truthfullness of the church. This was some serious progress on their part, and that lesson was 110% by the Spirit. It was lighting the room on fire it was so strong and my testimony of eternal families grew. It truly is amazing that we have been given the opportunity to be together forever. I came out of that lesson on cloud 9 and still haven´t come down.

Well my family, the church is true. Nuff said. This week we´re going to prepare for a coming "finding week" where we will find 888 new investigators as a mission in one week. That starts next week. I¨m excited! Please pray for us to be guided by the Spirit and to have courage and faith. We´re also going to be working with our fechas and our recent converts to help get them started on the path to the temple. It´s been hard to teach them, but they´ve been coming to activities which is good. 

Thank you for all your prayers. Sorry this was such a long one, it was a really good week. I love you all so much and I hope you feel the spirit lots this week. Loves!

Elder Webb

          just knockin doors in the cathedral

and we were eating at dominoes outside when a freak rainstorm came in. My
suit got wet AND my pizza got wet. I was not a happy camper.

Monday, October 6, 2014

DyC 1:38;88:67

Hola familia!

First off, shout out to my great big brother Ryan. Happy Birthday on Saturday! I celebrated appropriately by watching conference. 

Speaking of which, what a great conference! and also we had a really great week. But general conference definately takes the cake. For me personally there where two prominant themes in this conference: the value of our living prophet and the fact that he recieves revelation directly from God, and that we need to be careful not to get distracted from the real goal, the things that matter most, we must keep our eye single to the glory of God. What was everyone else´s favorite part?

So aside from the normal finding teachigna baptizing, we had some pretty unusual experiences happen to us this week. First off, a man contacted us on the street and began to tell us how he has the worlds biggest gospel library including everything from the mormons, catholics, and evangalists, and the only thing missing from his library is a book called "guide to the study of the Melchezadick priesthood". So he asked us to go to the church and track it down for him. Suddenly two other men dressed in white came walking down the street and grabbed him by the arm and asked him if he had taken his pills. I kid you not, this only happens in the movies but it actually happened to us. Turns out he had managed to sneak out of the hospital that was just up the street and stopped as we were passing by. It was probably one of the most bizzare experiences of my mission because he spoke waaay too fast and repeted literally everything 3 times. The mission is fun.

It seemed to me that there were a lot of talks about not making excuses to not live the gospel more fully. As humans, as natural men and women, we are quick to make excuses, and slow to make changes. But no excuse we make can justify not loving and serving the Lord. After hearing so many talks about that, I have made a new resolve within myself to never ever make any excuse, to not try and justify anything, and to always put the Lord first. I hope ya´ll felt the spirit strongly as well and have made new commitments within yourselfs! I love conference.

So aside from that this week was pretty tranquilo. The ward went to the temple and there were a few recent converts that finally were able to take their endownments out and get sealed. We were all really happy for them, they´re a great couple. We have some family home evenings planned this week with Roxana and Demetrio to help get the kids on board with baptism and the temple. So please pray for us!

Anyway I love you very much family! I hope you have a great week and don´t forget the Spirit you´ve felt during conference. Have a great week and feel the Spirit in lots of different ways! Loves.

Elder Webb

Monday, September 29, 2014

2 Nefi 2:6-8

hola familia!

How´s life for ya´ll?? Things are going well here in spain. Demetrio and Roxana got baptized on Saturday! It was a really nice service, and there were quite a few ward members there as well which was great. This last week was one of the craziest weeks of my mission as we scrambled to get them prepared. They´re a a really great family and have huge desires to set an example for their children and help them grow up with good values. The children decided that they want to wait a little longer to be baptized, so for now it was just the parents, but that´s just as awesome! Thank you for all the prayers in and out of the temple that you have said on our behalf. The focus now is to reteach them everythign and help them start creating new habits like FHE, family prayer, loving and serving one another, etc. 

Elder Hannemann is doing great, I really hardly feel like I¨m training at all. Other than the language barrier, which we all go through, he understands missionary work and is capable of doing things. It´s great and we´re having a lot of fun. We both had the privilage of baptizing and elder Hannemann didn´t even mess up! I was so proud of my little son, he did better than I did on my first. 

We also met a new less-active member that is on the verge of reactivating or going more inactive. He is spiritually hungry and wants to partake of the bread of life. We talked about and he told us about his desires he has to come back, but because of an experience that he had involving some other members, he won´t be coming back any time soon. That made me sad because he´s focusing too much on the people and not enough on the gospel. If you focus on the people and go to church for the people then you´re always going to be disappointed, because we´re all unperfect adn make mistakes. Perhaps whatever happened was something serious and it´s simply just hard to get over and to forgive. While that may be true, let´s not let that be an excuse to not try. Don´t let that stop you from partaking of the eternal blessings and everlasting joy that comes from the gospel. This man´s name is David and we´re going to be working closely with him to try and reactivate him. 

We also had zone conference on Friday and President talked about the Atonement. I love that topic because it´s literally endless. I could talk about this subject all day and I plan on studying it all my life because there is enough thigns to learn to last me a lifetime. And the best book we have to learn about it is the Book of Mormon! I do missionary work because it is how the people of this world learn about and can gain access to Christ´s Atonement. The more we study and learn and understand about the atonement, the greater our desire to share the gospel will be, as Lehi demonstrates in the subject line. I love the Atonement and I am greatful the Christ and Heavenly Father were both willing and loving enough to perform such a large task. The Atonment is everything! And two people on Saturday just gained access to it. Now it´s time for their children to do the same. 

Lastly, general conference is this weekend! I never thought I would get so excited for general conference, but like they say, a mission changes you. Seriously I feel as if it´s Christmas time I´m so excited. So I want to invite all of you to write down one or two questions and take them with you to conference and then listen to the speakers and listen to the Spirit. Because we can all recieve answers to our questions. I´m going to do that, and I´ll let you know how it goes. 

Okay this was way too long. I love you all very much! Have a wonderful week and enjoy conference! Loves!

Elder Webb

                             Here´s a photo of the baptism, it was great!

This is a family photo. my "sons", they all make me proud. Elder Adams, elder Flores, and elder Hannemann

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mormon 9:21

hola familia!

First off, happy birthday Bob on the 11th! I hope it was great. Also, congrats to Brad for getting married! Now,

Such a miraculous week. God is a god of miracles! And He works miracles according to our faith. From the beggining of the transfer elder Merchan and I have been praying for jsut 1 family to teach and baptize before the end of that transfer. Well last Sunday He answered our prayer and brought Roxana and Demetrio to church, then on Thursday we set a fecha with them and their family! They´re 5 people in the family! Sooo good! And sooo prepared. We hadn´t even taught baptism yet in the lesson, we were talking about growing closer to God and living with His promised blessings, and they said "the best way to do that would to be baptized right?" *jaw hits the floor* They agreed to be baptized on the 27th and the ward is doing a really great job at supporting us, always offering to bring them over to their homes, or come out with us to teach them. They´re great people. I¨m so exciting for them! Please pray for them to keep them protected from the temptations of Satan! They´re a beautiful family that needs this Gospel!

The trainers training was really cool, I got to see a few of my old companions. Elder Patterson and Curtis are both training. President talked about helping the new missionaries create new and good habits in the mission. Like planning, keeping the schedule, talkign with everyone, finding, and staying together, etc. I¨m really excited to train. Tomorrow I will pick up my new companion in the evening here in Málaga and return to my area. So we´ll be a trio until Wednesday morning when we drop elder Merchan off to go to Fuengirola for his exit interview. These are going to be some fun and miraclefilled 3 months, I¨m sure of it. 

Quick thing that I learned this week in one of my studies, I was studying the parable of the 10 virgens. The 5 that were prepared were able to enter into the wedding feast because they had extra oil. So what does the oil represent? The Spirit and it´s promptings. We prepare ourselves for Christ´s coming as strive to always be worthy of the Spirit and as we listen to and act upon the promptings of the Spirit. It´s vital! ¡Sumamente importante! So reembmer that, if you don´t want to be shut out when He comes, bring some extra Spirit with you always! 

So that´s pretty much it, we´ll be focusing hard core on Roxana and her family to help them progress and be baptized. Please pray hard for them, we need it! I love you all so much and I hope that you have a fabulous week and that the wedding goes well. I will pray so there is no rain. Loves!

Elder Webb

this is my new mission car. We have real class here in the Spain Málaga Mission

also the Oasis of the Seas made a stop in Málaga, and it is a very large boat. very large.