Monday, November 17, 2014

Matt 17:20; 14:31

Hola familia!

Really great week this time. The Lord has lots of power, did you know that? And if we simple have faith and show Him that faith by our actions, then His power always comes down and works mighty miracles. We had quite a few investagators at church, and they all had really good experiences. A couple were saying that they felt the words said were intended specifically for them. Liset was finally able to get confirmed! She and her son have been in and out of the hospital for weeks and she hasn´t been able to come to church, but finally yesterday she made it. Because of the recent flood of baptisms we´ve had, we´ve been working a lot with recent converts. The work has changed a lot since I started. It´s now our responsability as missionaries to take care of our converts after baptism, reteaching them the lessons and having contact with them daily for the first 3-4 months. That change took place in the summer, and now I´m getting a really good understanding of why. The RC are progessing so well! Thank you for all your prayers.

We had intercambios with the Zone Leaders and it was really helpful for my companion, it "opened his eyes" he keeps saying. So now starts the transistion process where he starts taking over, and by the last week he´s the señor companion. It´s gonna be fun! 

A highlight of the week was yesterday and the fact that two of my favorite people on the planet came to church. Sergio and Gimena. I don´t think I have loved investigators more on my mission, than how much I love them. They were the ones that kept saying that the messages and words were intended specifically for them. They loved church! And kept saying that it surpassed all their expectations. At the rate they´re going they will be baptized soon, I jsut really hope they make the decision before I leave!! But they have a really specially spot in my heart and I´m really greatful that I have been allowed to get to know them and too see the change take place in their heart.

On Thursday Elder Kearon of the Seventy is coming to visit us. It´s going to be really good. I´m excited to see what he decides to tell us as a mission, and for the things we can do to improve. I hope he´s blunt and calls us all to repentance. There´s always room for improvement, and I don´t know why but I like it when I get "called to repentance", meaning someone is straightforward with me and tells me what I´m lacking in and where I can improve. You have to be kind of hard to do it, in spanish it´s called giving "caña". So I hope he gives us lots of caña haha.

I love you family and I want you to know that I LOVE being a missionary. Have a really great week and remember to have faith because He can do ANYTHING with our faith. When things get rough, or scary, or lonely, don´t doubt! Keep moving forward, and keep having faith. Loves!

Elder Webb

                                        Sergio and Gimena! I love them!

                                     President and Hermana Deere

Monday, November 10, 2014

DyC 64:33; 84:19-20

Hola Familia!

First let me give a shout out to my amazing sister Gentry and her husband Devon, for she is with child and shall bear this child in the month of may. Let us all pray that he be born on the 6th of May, a fine day if I do say so myself.

Also, Jason Deere, the brother of President Deere (my mission president) is the man behind all the Nashville Tribute Band CDs and he´s just released a new one called Redeemer. I have listened to it and it´s really really good. Ya´ll need to go check it out!

Okay so this week was a pretty stellar one. We found some cool new investigators, an american lady that is married to an argentinian man that live in spain. Kind of an interesting mix. Also some investigators of ours are really progressing well. Jose-lin came to stake conference and LOVED it, we´re going to place a fecha with him tomorrow, and also we placed a fecha with a lady named Belen. And a woman named Gimena has made some really great progession too. 

Gimena has a special place in my heart. She got sick during the week, so we offered to run some errands for them. When we stopped by to pick up the goods to deliver, we also asked her if she would like a blessing. She had never had one before and it was an amazing experience. The ordinances of the Gospel bring the Spirit so strongly it´s amazing. Especially for those who in the past have felt it before, but maybe have gone a little while without feeling it, it always hits them hard during a blessing. That was the case with Gimena I think. The Spirit was definitely strong during that moment, I could feel it, but she was in tears because of the blessing. Afterwards we talked and we asked her what she´d be willing to do to have the feelings of the Spirit more often in her life. I knew that her thoughts immediately went to baptism. We commited her to pray and ask Heavenly Father if she should be baptized. The next day we walked into her house and the first thing she said was "Webb I´m going to church with you this week!" That about knocked me off the floor becaues she´s never been to church since the missionaires started coming over back in March. She´s made some serious progress, so please pray for her that she will fufill her commitment to come to church. In the ordinances of the Gospel, the power of godliness really is manifest. 

In stake conference they talked a lot about the "small and simple things" that bring to pass the great ones. Inmissionary work and in daily life. I enjoyed those talks a lot. So take the Lord´s advice and "be not weary in well-doing!" keep with the small and simple things, daily personal prayer and scripture study, weekly family home evening, and you will be laying the foundations of a better life, of more spiritual power, and of the blessings of heaven to fall into your life, brick by brick. Keep going, keep smiling, and keep doing what is right. Changes to become better don´t happen over night with huge extravagent ocurrences, but rather little by little, through small and simple things. I know this is true because I´ve seen it in my own life over the course of my mission. ¡Animo! ladies and gentleman!

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Please pray for Jose-Lin, Belen, and Gimena and Sergio. We need your prayers! Keep up with the small and simple things that invite the Spirit into your lives. Enjoy the week! Loves.

Elder Webb

                                        look who I saw at stake conference! 

                              and like father like son... (inside joke with my dad)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Moshia 1:6-7

hola familia!

Good solid week this week. Cristina came and was confirmed in church this
sunday. She said she had a very neat spiritual experience during the
confirmation. Liset wasn´t able to come becasue her son has been in the
hospital and she´s been taking care of him. But we´re going to find another
time to confirm her because this coming sunday is stake conference. But
she´s doing good still.

We be working a lot now with recent converts, but still in the middle of
all that, the Lord is good enough to bless us with more investigators that
progress. So sadly every last one of the investigators that we found during
finding week have decided to stop investigating. But as a direct
consequence from them, we have found other investigators that are lots of
potential. We have basically two main focuses right now: help our recent
converts progress and stay on track for the temple, and help these other
few investigators that we have been given progress.

One of the investigators that is in that catagory is Jose-Lin. He´s the
husband of a member and he´s super awesome! A really great person and I
don´t understand why he wasn´t baptized with his family three years ago. We
had a great lesson with him saturday and he commited to come to church and
to pray and ask God if he should be baptized. His wife was so greatful that
he came to church with her, in fact there were a lot of people that were
happy to see him there. I can feel the Lord working on him and preparing
his heart, and I have faith that he will make the decision to be baptized.
Please pray for Jose-Lin.

Interesting experience, yesterday we were out tracking and we saw a recent
convert and stopped and were talking with him. Out of nowhere a woman
approaches him and says "cousin! I´m so happy to see you!" and gives him
two besitos (kisses) on the cheek. She looks at us and says the exact same
thing and goes for the kiss, but she was rejected (she didn´t really like
that..) I ask the recent covert who she was and he told me that he had no
idea who it was and had never met her in his life! Something appeared to be
a little "different" about her because she was behaving very strangely. We
told her that we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ and she
said "oh so Mary doesn´t exist for you guys?" and then proceeded to
instruct us on how to do the Catholic cross, touching our forehead, chest
and stomach to show us how. After that she just walked away without saying
another word! It was odd. Why do all the crazy people flock to me?

So this week the plan is to get Jose-Lin and Anthony and Kimberly to
church. They have the most potential and could all be baptized this month.
Please keep them in your prayers! Also don´t forget to open the Book of
Mormon every day and read from it, even if it´s just one or two verses. The
difference in spiritual strength between an individual that reads daily
versus one who does not is staggering, and we see it every day in the
mission. I promise you, that life is just simply better, everything goes
better, and you just simply do well when you are reading daily from the
Book of Mormon. It´s powerful! So read it, "that ye may profit thereby". I
love you all so much! I hope you have a good week, and I hope to see some
progression out of these investigators. Loves!

Elder Webb

This is Elder Reid with his companion elder Gonzalez. Elder Reid is one
fine missionary and he´s from Missoula! So I just wanted to give him a
little shout out cuz I love him. He got transfered after just one transfer
here in Málaga and is now opening a new area in La Extremadura! Go Montana

Monday, October 27, 2014

2 Nefi 27:23

Hola familia!

Hands down the crazies week of my entire mission. I could not believe what was happening. Every single day it was miracle after miracle, finding new investigators, and helping two people prepare to be baptized. So first off, we reached our goal! We found a total 897 new investigators in one week. In our companionship we found 18 news and I´m very satisfied with that. Cristina and Liset were also both baptized last night and it was a really great baptismal service. Lots of turn out from the ward and lots of support, which I was grateful for. I really enjoyed this week because as it started I remember asking the Lord for help, and telling Him that I really wouldn´t be able to do this without His help. In that moment I felt a lot of peace in my heart and all the stress left and it was as if He was telling me "of course you can´t do it! But that´s why I´m going to help you, so don´t worry". After that all the miracles started happening and each day I was more and more surprised. 

I´m positive that the Lord was completely aware that it was finding week in the Spain Málaga Mission last week. Every day was filled with miracles. For example. Wednesday we went to a pueblo and found 1 new investigator, then we came back to Málaga around 2 for an eating appointment and found new more news. As we were walking back to the piso talking about how good the Lord is and how much He was helping us, a woman stopped us on the street and asked us if we could sit down with her for a moment and talk to her about the Book of Mormon. Found another new right there. That was incredible because we were trying, we had plans to find, but the Lord had better plans and He put us in the right spot to find people.

I had a really big testimony building moment one night. I realized more than ever that this truly is HIS work and He will get it done, and I will be just a simple tool in His hands. We had planned to pass by a lot of street contacts we had made, but everything failed and it was late at night and all the doors we were knocking wouldn´t let us in. So we saw some folk sitting on a park bench and decided to talk to them. Turns out that the lady was from New York (her parents from Puerto Rico) and she was an old investigator of the sisters. We had a really good conversation, she expressed how she missed having the discussions, and wished for us to teach her again. The Lord puts us where we need to be, exactly when we need to be there. It´s amazing how He does His work, and it's an even more incredible feeling to be the instrument that helps Him get things done. I´ve had many experienecs like this on my mission.

Cristina progressed lovely towards baptism without any problems. However Liset had us worried for a few days. The last time we taught her was Tuesday and we hadn´t seen nor heard from her since then. But she came to church on Sunday and was ready and excited to be baptized. So we taught her everything in one lesson, she had her baptismal interview, and was baptized! It was incredible haha and the service was really good, the Spirit was really strong and the members were all really excited. 

Okay so that was this week! It was nuts, and a whole lot of fun, but I¨m glad it´s over. Now our focus is shifting to Anthony and Kimberly, the children of the RC Roxana and Demetrio. They still need to be baptized! Also, there´s quite a few news that we have that have a lot of potential. So thank you family for your prayers, but please keep em' coming! I love you all so much and I hope you have a fabulous week this week. Feel the Spirit lots and seek to see the Lord´s hand in your life! I know He knows who I am, and where I am. Do you?


Elder Webb

                                                        The baptism

Me and my comp had a quick planning sesh last p-day to prepare ourselves for finding week. we scaled the mountain and recieved lots of revelation just like moses of old