Monday, September 1, 2014

Book of Mormon!

Hola familia!

Kind of a crazy week this week. First off, we´ve been spending lots of time
with two of the greatest men I´ve met in my life. The old stake president
of the Granda stake, President Muñoz lives in our ward, and his good friend
Williams (a member from Venezuela that´s been living here for a long time
and I´m convinced that he´s one of the 3 Nephites). Pres. Muñoz was moving
pisos and we helped him moved a few times. Such inspiring men! And So much
revelation from them haha. They both gave me some realyl good, and hard
council about the Book of Mormon and I think for the first time in my life
I realized how much of a stinking treasure it is. Seriously people, it´s a
HUGE treasure for us! Those prophets saw our day and knew exactly what we
needed. Everything they wrote is of great worth and we need to learn to
appreciate every *word* in the book, and to study it as if it were the only
book left on earth! We as members, but even more so as missionaries (every
member a missionary...) should read it every day of our lives.

Our studly investigator Ramon had to go to the hospital this week and be
operated on. It was a minor operation, just clearing out some calcium build
up or something like that. We went and saw him in the hospital and got to
meet his sisters while there which was a nice little tender mercy because
we´ve been begging for their addresses from him for weeks. He unfortunately
couldn´t come to church, but he´ll make it there next week. The moment he
recieves a testimony of the Book of Mormon, he´ll be getting baptized.

We got to visit a really cool PMF from colombia too. They live in a nearby
pueblo near the coast, super fancy place haha. The husband Karim isn´t a
member and has been married to his member wife for 17 years. So, in
essance, he´s been coming to church with her for 17 years and hasn´t ever
gotten baptized!! Crazy. His problem is that he struggles to believe in
Jospeh Smith. What´s the best way to get a testimony of him? The Book of
Mormon. But he´s not too willing to do his part, but we´re working closely
with him. He´s a really great guy and practically lives all of the gospel
already, he just needs that really important testimony. Estamos en ello.

We also played night football with the ward in this really cool hidden turf
field and it was probably the best match of football I´ve played on my
mission haha. I´m not too shabby actually, I can´t dribble to save my life,
but I´m good at defence. I was proud of my performance anyway. There was a
non member youth there, Jose, who is seriously a straight up champ. He was
going to be baptized before but his parents prevented him. Well December
3rd he turns 18 and is determined to be baptized soon there after! He´s a
chill kid.

My comp and I are doing EVERYTHING that PMG tells us to in order to find,
we´re litterally working our butts off, but we aren´t finding through those
methods. However the Lord is consistant and drops little blessings and
miracles in our path weekly. We have few investigators, but they are all
solid and interested and progressing, so I¨m not complaining. We´re just
going to keep plugging away and letting the Lord do His thing through us.
My comp has 2 weeks left and it´s starting to show haha. But it´s all good,
I¨m not going to let him "die" too early.

So family that´s it for this week. Read the Book of Mormon every day! Even
if it´s just for 15 min. It´s a valuable treasure that the Lord has given
to us through lots of great preparation. We need to take advantage of the
revelation contained in it, and the revelation we can recieve through it.
My love of the Book of Mormon has increased in these few days as my
understanding of what it is increased, and as my appreciation for it
increased. I invite you all to do the same. Learn to love the Book of
Mormon more than gold and silver and fancy mobile phones, because it´s
worth more than all of that. I love you lots family and hope you have a
great week and feel the Spirit! Loves.

Elder Webb

look who I ran into! my second "hijo" elder Adams, he´s right next door in Fuengirola.

         This is a nice sculpture at the cathedral.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Alma 7:11-12

Hola familia!

Shnikees what a week. We taught a lot of less actives and recent converts,
and actually we no longer have many investigators, but that´s okay! The
Lord will provide! There´s people here that He has been preparing for a
long time, and by golly I´m going to find them! Gordon B Hinkley once said
something like "the CIA can´t find, the FBI can´t find, Interpol can´t
find, but the missionaries always find!" It´s cuz we got one of the
greatest tools on our side: the Spirit! I love the Holy Ghost and I am so
greatful for the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a magnificent promise! The
constant companionship of a member of the Godhead. Whoa! That´s some heavy
stuff. I am greatful for the mercy and love of our Heavenly Father.

Crazy miracle that happened to us. It was Wednesday evening about 6pm,
scorching sun, no one in the street because they´re all inside sleeping
still. We had several names that we were passing by to visit, but no one
was letting us in. So we were walking to the next place when out of nowhere
my comp beelines for a nearby building and had this look in his eye that
said "this is the place". We go in to the very top and start knocking
doors. The third door we knock a woman opens, says welcome elders and lets
us in! Her name is Daisy and turns out that she had been investigating the
church for a while and almost got baptized, but because of complications
from work, she was unable. We had a really good visit, she´s still full of
desire, but is just waiting for her work to finish before she gets
baptized. Talk about being guided by the Spirit right?

Saturday evening, same story. 6pm and we´re dying of the heat. My face was
covered in sweat when we knocked the door of a contact we had made weeks
earlier. She looked at my suffering and I think her bowels were moved with
compassion because she let us in. We then had an incredible first
discussion. She told us her life story, two of her daughters suffer from
chronic diseases and if she´s not with them 24/7 then lot´s of problems
could arise. She said that the constant need to be with them doesn´t bother
her, but what does hurt her is seeing her children sick and suffering. We
talked about the plan of salvation and she really liked it. She´s very
catholic but you could tell that she recognized the Spirit during that
lesson, something that she probably hadn´t felt very much in her life. Her
name is Victoria and we´re going to go poco a poco with her, help her kick
some of the old traditions of her fathers and accept the resotored gospel
of Christ.

We met with our ward mission leader and made a plan. We shared the story of
the Brother of Jared and how he made a plan, presented it to the Lord, and
according to his faith it was done. Because the Lord has "all power, and
can do whatsoever [He] wilt for the benefit of man". So we talked about all
the people that we can teach, and wrote all the names and where they live
down on a piece of paper. We´re going to make a plan for each one and start
the process of bringing them to the church. It´s a list of 40 names, we´ve
got a lot of work ahead of us. Like I said, the Lord will provide!

Last thing before I go. The scripture in the subject line talks about the
Atonement. Something that we need to understand is that the Atonement isn´t
only for all the bad things that we have done, but also for all the bad
things that happen to us in this life. He can take away all the hurt and
pain that we cause ourselves through sin, but can also take all the hurt
and pain that others cause us. He indeed knows how to heal, to help, and to
love. Don´t forget!

I love you all! I hope you have a rockin week and feel the Spirit lot´s and
learn lots. Good luck to Rachel as she starts another year of school! Loves!

Elder Webb

                          choir of missionaries we did for an activity last week.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Isaiah 52:7

hola familia!

Buenos tardes from beautiful Málaga Spain! This place is really pretty,
it´s got one of the coolest cathedrals that I´ve seen in Spain, the people
are awesome, and it has 4 wards in one city! The Lord´s work is advancing
here at an excellent pace.

Want to hear a cool miracle? Did I already tell you about Ramon, the
miracle man who came to church last week? The hermanas contacted him and
invited him to come, he came and really liked it. Then on Tuesday he went
on a date with a member and they hit it off really well. He commits to read
the Book of Mormon and told us that if he knows that it´s true, he will be
baptized. We didn´t even have to invite him to be baptized. Then he came to
church again yesterday and really enjoyed it (his new girlfriend gave a
talk too). We´re going to meet with him Tuesday and see how his reading and
praying has been coming. It´s incredible to see how quickly investigators
progress when they actually read the BofM and pray with sincere inentions.
The power of the Book of Mormon is real, and it truly is one of the best
way to come to know of Christ and His atonement, and to draw closer unto
Him. So Ramon is cool and is going strong.

We´re also working with a part member family, a man names Karim from
Colombia who never got baptized after marrying his mormon wife almost 20
years ago. He just never commits to read the BofM. Like I said before, it´s
amazing to see how quickly a person will gain a testimony of the truth if
they just read the book. It´s also amazing how quickly people will fall
away from God when they refuse to read the Book of Mormon. It´s God´s tool
for the gathering of Israel, and it´s the most powerful tool we have to
know Christ, His gospel, and to come unto Him. So don´t take it for
granted! Read it every day! I love that book.

We had a really cool lesson with a gyspy the other day too, (I know it
sounds a little too good to be true... them gyspies...) So this guy Jonni,
a devout evangilist, contacted us asking us if we had the missing book of
Enoc in our scriptures. We told him that we have some writings, but not
everything and then we got talking about the restauration and what not. He
was a pretty well informed man and by the looks of it had even spent some
time on the internet looking at anti-mormon stuff because he was well
versed in all the scriptures that people use to attack the church. So after
talking with him for a while, we set up an appointment the following day to
show him the writings of Enoch. We show up and tell him that in order to
understand where these writings come from, he nees to first understand
where the book of mormon comes from, so we start teaching the restauration.
He agreed with everything that we taught until we got to the great
apostasy. He believes that because we were given the holy Spirit, things
weren´t lost nor changed. My companion then shared the first vision and
Jonni felt the Spirit hard. I noticed that he got goose bumps all over him
when he said the words "this is my Beloved Son - hear him!" He then started
to cry and say "no no no, this can´t be. So you´re trying to tell me that
all my life I´ve been mistaken?" OH! So powerful. He gets it.

We explained to him that he wasn´t mistaken nor wrong, but that God was
simply preparing him for this very moment. He thought about that for a
moment and told us that he knew what we were saying was true, but that he
couldn´t accept it. All of his life, all of his family is in the evangelico
church, and it would be too much for him to leave that church. His wife
would leave him, and his parents hate him if he were to do that. My heart
broke. How can you just reject the truth like that! Especially after being
slapped in the face so hard by the Spirit! It´s sad, but everyone has their
agency, their choice. Heavenly Father of course wants all of His children
to come back to Him, but only if they choose to do so. He doesn´t want them
to come by force.

We can´t afford to not hearken the call of the Master! Alma 5:38-39, He´s
calling us all and we need to respond. If we don´t respond, like my friend
Jonni, then we will sadly be hearing the words of the Savior when He says
to us DyC43:24. Go look that one up. So, hearken to His call! Don´t be
afraid no matter how big the sacrifice looks. It may be dificult, scary, or
whatever, but none of that matters. The reward is a thousand times greater
than the sacrifice, and He is with us constantly, every step.

So that was the lesson learned this week in Málaga. Tune in next time to
see what other crazy happenings are going down. This week is feria (like a
state fare type deal) and it´s super awesome. Lots of crazy andaluz people,
lots of drunks, and lots of flamenco. Should be interesting. Anyway, I love
you all so much and hope you have a stellar week this week! Hearken to the
voice of the Good Shepherd! Loves.

Elder Webb

pics: these ones are kinda older

one in gibralter with a dope monkey.

I'm standing next to the tomb of Christopher Colombus in the Sevilla
cathedral. Also dope.

Monday, August 11, 2014

DyC 11:9,21

Hola familia!

Well it was quite a crazy week this wek. On Monday me and my comp decided
we wanted to run a half marathon, so we woke up an hour early and that´s
exactly what we did. And we did it in under two hours! Pretty cool right?
Transfers happend and I´m now in Málaga with my new comp elder Merchan.
Málaga is a prettty cool place, has a really different feel from Jerez
though. Jerez is more old fashioned, more spanish where Málaga is pretty
touristy and modern; but it´s still cool nonetheless. It´s also very hot
and I¨m sweating like a pig.

Other cool news, the mission will be recieving iPads! We´re finally making
the jump from the prehistoric age to the modern age! The daily planner, the
area book, the lessons with pictures and videos will now all be used on the
iPad. Also mormon messages and "I´m a Mormon" and the bible videos will now
all be available which will be amazing for lessons. I¨m pretty dang excited
because they´re iPad mini´s. We should be recieving them around the end of

So here in the 3rd ward of Málaga we are 6 missionaries in the ward and
that also comprises the district. I¨m also the district leader here and
we´re going to be making a huge focus on finding. It seems every
companionship has just recently baptized and now has little work. We´re
going to work hard this week to all find at least 1 family that we can help
baptize in this month. The goal is that each compship baptizes at least 1
before the transfer ends. Our district is a little special because we´re
all "killing" our companions. I don´t think I´ve ever seen that happen in a
district before. Kinda cool.

So that´s about all I got for this week. Life is good, we´re all in
"finding" mode hunting out the Lord´s elect that He has prepared for us.
It´s tough cuz it´s hot and sometimes the people don´t want to listen, but
it´s all very worth it. I love being a missionary! And I hope ya´ll do too.
Try and look out for some missionary moments this week. And above all, feel
the Spirit and have spiritual experiences! I love you all so much! Until
next week! Loves.

Elder Webb


                             Mme and elder allsop after the half-marathon

           and me and the district as I was gettign on the train to come to Málaga