Monday, August 4, 2014

DyC 6:33-34

Hola familia!

Lively. A very lively week this time around. We taught a lot of lessons realyl early on in the week, we had concilio on Thursday and Friday, President told us transfers while we were there, and on Saturday there was a baptism! Loooots of stuff to report on. I´ll start with transfers because I¨m sure that´s what you all want to know the most. 

I´m leaving Jerez. And I´m going to Málaga! The promised land! I´m sooo excited because this is exactly how I wanted to end my mission, in Málaga and training (which I will do the following transfer). My new companion is going to be elder Merchan, he´s a really good elder and is ending his mission. I¨m going to "kill" him as we call it in the mission. I¨m really excited for so many reasons. I´m going to get there and just baptize, and then do some more baptizing, and finish my time there with more baptisms. I¨m hungry for some baptisms. It´s gonna happen! I¨m determined to help get Málaga it´s reputation back (they´ve geen going through a little bit of a dry spell right now). 

Concilio was great. We talked about the covenant of baptism and it´s importance. President really wants us to up the quality of baptisms that we have, and really follow the requirements outlined in DyC 20:37. He wants us to do our best to ensure that a person understands the convent well. Some are afraid that this well mean less baptisms because it will be harder to get people to the water, but in reality it means more baptisms because retention will increase and these people will be giving referrals to missionaries and talking to all of their friends and families. But it´s going to require some changes on how we do things. As for me personally, I´m really excited about it. It´s the kind of change the mission needs. We came up with a list of things we need to do differently and it was actually everything that me and my comp had decided to do in our compship and zone 6 weeks ago. So now we just gotta get the rest of the mission on board. 

The man that got baptized is named Sekeseke and he´s a cool guy. He´s from Nigeria and he feels bad for some things that he´s done in his past and wanted to recieve forgiveness from God. I had the privilage of doing his baptismal interview. He doesn´t speak spanish which will make church attendance a little difficult at times but it´s all good, he´s slowly learning. 

Last thing I want to share is an impression I had on Sunday. I read the scripture found in the subject line and realized that I need to not be afraid to always do what is right! Never sacrifice your loyalty and obedience to the Lord for anything! No matter what, even if other around you that are close to you are doing other things. You know what´s right, now do it! Heavenly Father will always be with us to support us in our rightous decisions. 

Okay family I love you very much! I hope you have a a wonderful week this week and get lots done and above, that you feel the Spirit in many different ways! Loves to all.

Elder Webb

Sekeseke and "los guapos"

Monday, July 28, 2014

Matthew 28:19

Hola familia!

We had a really great week this week. Do I ever start off my emails differently? It´s because the Lord is merciful and patient and blesses us a lot. First off we went to Gibralter for P-day!! Sooo cool, and the monkeys are mean little jerks; they stole food from a missionary and even little children! Ruthless. We did splits with the AP´s and learned a lot from them and are already seeing blessings in our area. And there was a baptism this weekend! Unfortunately it wasn´t Gregorio like we had been hoping, but I do have news about him as well. In the zone we had set the goal to set 28 baptismals dates before the end of the 24th of July, in honor of the pioneers claro. And we got it! All the missionaries worked really hard and in the end we had 29 fechas! The Lord is blessings us like crazy. So then me and my comp fast and we came up with a plan for all of us in the zone, that if we follow, we will baptize. 

Now Gregorio. My comp and one of the AP´s went over there Friday with the intent of having the baptismal interview, and Gregorio knew nothing about it. The only thing that was stopping him from getting baptized was himself. So the plan was to help him see that, and then interview him to be baptized the following day. They got there and he pulled a fast one on us. Before they could talk to him about baptism, he told US that he for sure wants to be baptized! But it´ll have to be in September because he´s starting to work "interna" for the whole month of August. That´s where they go live in someone elses house to take care of the family, kinda like a nanny job, and he´ll do it for all of August. So September 6th he´ll be baptized. Pray for him please!

Funny thing happened at the baptism. A member was baptizing her, and it was his first baptism, him being a convert as well. You could tell that he was a little nervous, a little shaky, but he was trying hard to hide it. So he gets down there and baptizes her well, but unfortunately one of her hands didn´t go under. So we say to him "you have to do it again" and he says "alright not a problem" and then throws her under the water again, immediately, without saying the prayer again or anything! The poor woman wasn´t expecting it at all, didn´t have time to plug her nose or anything. And he shoved her under good this time to make sure she got all the way under. It was a bit difficult not to laugh at this moment. But after a couple other attmepts, he finally got it down. I love the mission. 

So right now we´re carrying 4 bapt. dates and they´re looking good. Thank you for all your prayers and support, they´re being felt her in Jerez. I can only ask that you continue because we need all the help that we can get. Their names are Eldi, Gregorio, Virka, and Lami. 

We´re going to concilio on Thursday and Friday because transfers is next week, the week that concilio should normally be. So in order to avoid a huge crazy mess, President has decided to do it this week.

Live is going good and it´s really hot still here in Jerez, but I¨m loving it. I hope President doesn´t decide to take me out this transfer. I would love to end my mission here, this place is amazing. Anyway, I love you all very much! I hope you have a fabulous week and feel the Spirit lots! Loves.

Elder Webb

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mosiah 4:6-12

Hola familia!

Shout out to two of the greatest and most influential people in my life!!! My dear mother and step-father Bob and Lisa Pier! Happy anniversay! 13 years of marriage, 13 long years of having to put up with me. They've done an admirable job, and I´d say have even passed the test. Keep up with the good work you two. 

Holy cow what a killer week. Our fechas are progressing a ton, and they both came to church! Saturday night we had 8 people committed to come to church, something I like to call the "saturday night round-up". It´s where we quickly try to pass by and at least talk to all the people we have invited to church to double check that they´re coming, and if we can´t find them, than at least call them and it´s one of my favorite things to do every week. Well we did that and all 8 confirmed. Sunday morning comes and we just don´t feel 100% about their commitments, so we run out the piso early and go knock on every single on of their doors. Not a single one was ready for church, or even awake! So we started church with 0 investigators, but then ended church with 3 in sacrament meeting. Nice little tender mercy from the Lord. If He hadn´t of urged us to go out Sunday morning, I don´t think any of them would have come. Listening to the Spirit pays off!

So Gregorio is doing very well. He´s made some phenominal progress. He wants to be baptized, but is just a little iffy on when. His date is for this saturday and he still feels like that is too soon and it looks like he would rather be baptized later. But no matter, sí o sí he´s going to get baptized, it´s just a matter of when. It truly is amazing the progress he has made. He used to be anti and call us a cult, but now he loves reading the book of Mormon and watching I´m a Mormon videos and mormon messagas on his phone. His stinking phone has been a HUGE tool in helping him progress haha, so I am very grateful to the Lord for inspiring people in this world to make the technology that we have. It really is a huge blessing the accessablilty that everyone in the world has to scriptures and other church material. Our bishop yesterday was telling us about in his mission they were extremely privalaged to have a huge clunky projector. Now the missionaries are going out with iPads. Blessings man, blessings.

As a zone we have set the goal to get 28 fechas before the 24th of July, and right now we have 25!! We´re so close! And there´s not much time left! Everyone has been working really hard to try and get those fechas. Thank you for all your prayers, we really have felt them here. 

Last thing, some thoughts from my studies recently. We are all victims of the pride cycle. It´s what caused the downfall of the Nephites and it´s what causes the downfall within one individualy. So I´ve been trying to study how to beat the pride cycle. My thoughts are this, if you want to beat the pride cycle and remain humble, you must improve the way you REMEMBER. King Benjamin shares some really good thoughts on that in his amazing discourse in Mosiah 4:6-12. He says that if we can always remember our own nothingness and our dependance on God, that we will always be filled with joy, we will always retain a remission of our sins, and we increase in knowledge of who God is, and of all things just and true. That´s a ton of blessings! Also, I think that is part of the reason the Lord wants us to be in the church each and every week renewing our convenants with him, promising to always remember Him week after week. There´s some genius in there that has the potential to keep us out of the pride cycle and carry us long distances. So my invitation this week is that we all improve the way we remember our Savior, not only the frequency of it, but the way in which we do it as well. 

This coming week will be a crazy one, splits in Algeciras, then a meeting with Pres. Deere and Pres. Morales on Wednesday, then splits with the AP´s on Friday and Saturday. It´s gonna be crazy! But fun at the same time. I love you family all so much! I´m glad you got to enjoy the weekend. God bless America. Loves! 

Elder Webb

Monday, July 14, 2014

2 Nephi 25:26

Hola familia!

We had a stinking good week. Were able to find 4 new investigators, we placed another baptismal fecha, we taught a lot of lessons, and the other we have, Gregorio, is progessing a lot. He unfortunately was not able to come to church yesterday because he was working, however he will come this week. The goal with him this week is that we help him get to the point where he´s firm about his baptism and has no fears, so that then on Sunday at church, we can announce it to the whole ward. So please pray for Gregorio!

The new fecha we have is with a lady named Eldi. She´s the sister of a less active member and has known about the church her entire life. She just now has decided to take some time and see if she likes the church and if it´s for her. She´s a really great person and is genuinely interested. She came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. The ward does a good job at fellowshipping. Everyone greets our investigators and makes sure that they have someone to sit by. It´s a really great ward here in Jerez. So here date is for the 09 Aug 2014. Please if you wouldn´t mind, also pray for her that she will be able to recognize her answer and have the courage to act upon it. 

We still haven´t had the chance to teach people about family history, but we´ve got a big activity in the works! We want to bring all of our investigators and have the members bring friends to the chapel one night and we´ll all learn more about family history and all will have the chance to do a little and get started on their trees. I¨m really excited about family history, my heart has definitely been turned to my fathers. The other day as I was looking at my family tree, I saw the name of my great grandpa and decided that I will name one of my children after him. His name just really sounds good to me. Benjamin Lower Webb. It´s got a really nice ring to it. So there you go, let it be known on earth that a child of mine shall carry that name.

So that´s that. Things in the area are going good, things in the zone for some are going good. Lo que pasa es the missionaries sometimes see what President teaches them and what we teach them as like "flavors of the month", that they don´t need to apply and do ALL things, just SOME, the ones they like you know? However, there are a few that are doing all things and they are the ones that are having success, that are baptizing regularly. So we´re going to talk about that in the next zone meeting in August. 

That´s all I have. It´s stinking hot here in Jerez and I¨m burning. But it´s all good, this experience will hopefully make me more of a man in the end. I love you all family and I hope you have a really great week this week! I hope you feel the Spirit in many different ways. Loves.

Elder Webb